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The Range is located about 15 miles south of the San Francisco Bay at 14750 Skyline Boulevard in Los Gatos, California, which is a convenient 15-minute drive from historic downtown Saratoga up scenic Big Basin Way (State Route 9).

With an elevation of nearly 3000 feet above sea level, the Range usually receives temperate weather patterns from the ocean as they travel northeast toward Santa Clara. However, weather at the Range can be different and more variable than at lower altitudes, so please check weather and driving conditions before traveling to the Range and dress accordingly.

Please note that extreme weather conditions may necessitate the closure of one or more ranges, or the entire facility. If in doubt, call the Range office at (408) 867-3106 for more information.

Current Conditions

The following weather information is provided in real time by the automated weather station between the 50-yard and 100-yard ranges.

Source: Los Altos Rod and Gun Club on Davis WeatherLink

Source: Los Altos Rod and Gun Club on Davis WeatherLink


Source: Los Altos Rod and Gun Club on


Source: National Weather Service Forecast for Los Altos Rod and Gun Club Range Area

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